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Sneaky Ranch Day 9

A lottery win has been a great help, allowing you to build a new house for the ranch. But when will this all end? It's been days and days since the tornado hit, and you're still at it... fixing the ranch... making it picture perfect for your Grandmother... What more can you do? The answer is MUCH MORE. Now get your butt into gear ... again and fix the damn place before granny gets the frook out of hospital.

It's point and click like no other point and click adventure before it. This is turning into an epic series of fix'em up games. You know what to do. Click here, click there, do a bit of pointing and voila, you have completed yet another game.

Live long and prosper... and play Day 10 here

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Updated: May 15, 2015 8:08 AM

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Point... and... click.


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