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Spooky Island Survival Escape 2

Ah, so you made it through day one on Spooky Island. Well your harrowing adventure has only just begun. How you will get through another day here, with such terrible things as the pumpkin head man, is beyond me. However, you put fear aside and actually talk to the freaky creature. Apparently the pumpkin man lost his pet rat. Your task is to help him find it. U really have little choice, you fear he may eat you if you do not comply.

Go about Spooky Island (with items you've already picked up from day 1) and find a rat and also find items that will ultimately help you escape from this place of darkness and fear.

Good luck and if you survive the day, you can continue the story here:

Spooky Island Survival Escape 3

Enjoy the day and maybe one day you will get home...

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Updated: October 17, 2014 7:15 AM

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