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Spooky Island Survival Escape

A great idea turns into a life-changing disaster. Who'd have thought a canoe trip around the world could result in you being stranded on an island... a non-desserted island... a island with terrible terrible things on it. Well that's your lot in this game. You have to man up or woman up and face the challenges of Spooky Island. As with other escape games your primary goal is to... u guessed it... escape. Get the frook off the island before something more terrible than terrible happens to you.

This game is broken up into days, which are played one game at a time. You're now on day one. Day one of your nightmare on this island of the damned. Search around, find objects of use and try to stay safe.

If you get through this game alive, then you can continue the story of your survival here:

Spooky Island Survival Escape 2

Good luck and try to live for another day.

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Updated: October 17, 2014 7:05 AM

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