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Power Knight Instruction Manual

I. Introduction II. Controls III. Interface IV. Items V. Spells VI. Enemies

I. Introduction

Power Knight is a platformer game like Wizards and Warriors, with the added element that you gain levels, similar to Faxanadu. The object of the game is to collect the eight Power Jewels and prevent King Orwin, who also desires the jewels, from ressurecting the demon lord, Shadevoid the Slaughter. You can purchase equipment in addition to gianing levels to boost the power of your character.

II. Controls Arrow left- Moves knight left

Arrow right- Moves knight right

Arrow down- Causes knight to crouch. Moving in this position will cause the knight to get up. The knight can attack from a crouch quicker than standing.

Arrow up- Enter doors when standing in front of them. Also, holding up and pressing Z will cause the knight to jab upwards with his sword.

Z- The knight attacks with his sword

Space- The knight jumps. Can be pressed again after one jump if the player holds the Pegasi Wing to jump again.

X- In some instances, the player must use this to speak with a shopkeeper or important person.

H- Uses Healing Potion

M- Uses Magic Potion

Spells: Spells can only be cast if you have obtained them (they will appear in your status bar)

1- Casts the Heal spell

2- Casts Dim Hood

3- Casts Mary's Lyre

4- Casts Cross

5- Casts Fireball

III. Interface The status bar at the bottom of the screen displays your power.

HP- hit points, how much damage your knight can absorb before passing out.

MP- Magic points, needed to casts spells.

Spell Bar- Divided into 5 spaces for the spells, when you collect a spell it goes here along with a number next to the spell name. This denotes how much mp is needed to cast it.

STR- Strength. This factors into how much you damage an enemy.

DEF- This can only be raised by gaining armor. It helps reduce damage from enemies.

Level- This shows how powerful your knight currently is. As this increases, you get stronger.

EXP- How much experience you have. Experience is needed to grow in levels. It can be won from enemies.

NEXT- How much experience is needed to increase your level by 1.

Gold- Your current amount of money. This is used to buy things and can be obtained from defeating enemies or picking up valuables.

Jewels- These 8 circles represent how many Power jewels you have collected (it is your goal in the game to collect all 8). A red circle means you have the jewel, while an empty one means you do not.

Equipment Box- This lists your current Helmet, Sword, and Shield.

Item box- Special items that permanently affect your knight go here.

As for things not in the status bar, there are enemies that you must either avoid or fight, villagers you can talk to (by touching them), doors to enter, etc.

In shops, you use the mouse arrow to click on the items you would like to buy. Also when interacting with special characters, like the priest, you use the mouse to select from the options given.


Valuables- These add money to your knight depending on the item picked up. The following lists the bounty of each valuable.

Coin-50 Gem-100 Silver Cup-200 Ruby-500 Gold Cup-1000

Special Pick ups- These items permanently boost your knigth in some manner.

Velocity Boots- Doubles the speed of the knight. Pegasi Wing- Allows the knight to jump again in midair after a single jump. Gloves of Grip- Gives the knight the ability to break down the orange/tan brick walls. Book of Sarisun- Permanent MP boost of 30.

The final group of items consists of stuff sold at the merchants.

Healing potion- Heals knight 20 HP. Magic Potion- Heals knight 20 MP. Key- Used to open locked doors (designated by a brown closed door with a keyhole on it) Equipment- Improves defense or offense of the knight. Automatically equipped on purchase. (Note: The knight will never purchase a weaker piece of equipment if he already has a stronger version. So a Knight with the Horned helmet will not be able to buy an Iron Helmet no matter how hard he tries).

V. SPELLS Spells are found in various places and provide the knight with helpful boosts or bypass tough obstacles.

Heal Staff- Recovers 40 HP at the cost of 10 MP Dim Hood- Hides the hero from sight for a short while. Undetectable to human foes, you can walk past them without even recieving damage. You will know it's active when the Knight is transparent. Costs 5 MP. Mary's Lyre- Music has strange powers. Maybe someone in town knows the trick to this Lullaby? Costs 12 MP. Cross- Warps the knight back to the church. Useful when weary, needing a quick save, or just lazy. Make sure to always have some MP in reserve for this. (Note: you lose the ability to cast this during the final battle). Costs 5 MP. Fireball- An alchemic combination. This spell instantly destroys any enemy it touches. Costs 99 MP.

VI. ENEMIES This secton provides some basic descriptions of the foes you will encounter.

Slime- A weakling. Jumps up and down. Bat- Flies in a pattern. Better to avoid than fight. Fire Plant- Stationary and breathes fire. Dangerous for an early adventurer. Snake- Stationary. Pounces at random. Orc- Tosses a boomerang. Stationary. Zombie- Slow walker. Tricky to avoid in close quarters. Best to avoid. Wyvern- tiny dragon that drops rocks from above. Jason- A flying Centaur that shoots arrows. Powerful, but easy to avoid. Anima- A rock man that runs, collapses, reanimates and repeats. Tricky. Skull- Flying skulls that breathe fire. Better to avoid than fight. Ninja- Jumps back and forth. Spider- Hangs from ceiling. Simple to defeat, but watch out for the Giant Spider! Giant Spider- Can kill you in one hit and is impervious to damage. Apparition- Ghosts that fade in and out. Impossible to kill, just run by when they vanish. Vampire- Rare enemy. Shoots bats and vanishs. Troll- Giant beast in the dungeons. Slow, but strong. Julia- Tricky female monster that incinerates her whole horizontal platform at timed intervals. Impossible to kill, avoid her. Landmine- Can't be killed. Ignores defense and does a good deal of damage. Do not touch! Devilsoul- Energy skull, drains 2 hp per second as long as he is alive. Kill him ASAP. Guillotine- Vertical blade trap. Avoid. Acid Slime- Like normal slime, but explodes on death and leaves acid that can damage you. Swordsman- Stationary. Invulnerable when shield is up. Pikeman- Obnoxious enemy that runs and jumps side to side. Archer- Fires arrows. Wicked Priest- Tricky. Appears at random spot, swings a staff and vanishes. More of a hassle to fight than they are worth. Pendulum- Swinging spike ball. Wait until it passes before running by.

There are also several bosses. Beware, some may be stronger than they look!

VII. HINTS AND TIPS -You lose gold, so avoid dying as much as you can. When in doubt, warp back to town. -Healing potions are handy, but the Heal Staff is better. -Talk to everyone. They all help (except the sleeping guy). -The giant spider cannot be killed, you must find another way to deal with it. -If you are lost, think of places you couldn't get to before. -You need 7 jewels before confronting the King for the 8th one. -A boss will regenerate its life if you retreat from its room. -Rumor has it there is a secret 6th spell. -Level up. -There are two shops in the town. -Avoid lava, poison bogs, spikes, and dangerous looking terrain! -Once a door is opened, it remains open. -You can save the game at the church!

Updated: August 29, 2013 1:25 PM

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