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Walkthrough for game HOT DATE - Click here to play the game.

The basic objective is to get the blonde girl to jump into your arms and to get rid of the other two guys who are after her.

  • Click on cup with brown alcohol in it near fan on wall. It will pour into the red coke cup with a straw.

  • Click on bottle just behind the red coke cup - it will sit in the ice bucket.

  • Click on bottle in ice bucket after a few seconds to remove it- it will be placed on table again.

  • Click on the bottle when bartender is near it - she will drink from the bottle and get the chills.

  • Click on the yellow switch on the wall next to the fan. Adjust the settings to 0 by clicking on the dial. Close switch popup. Fan will be turned off.

  • When serving girl is near the fan she will get hot because it is no longer on.

  • Click the red coke cup when serving girl is near it - she will drink some get a buzz from the alcohol.

  • Serving girl will walk to the guy near the bar and stop. Click her and she will drop her skirt on the ground.

  • Click the head of the guy at the bar and he will turn into a sex crazed wolf.

  • Click on the blonde girl at the bar - she will kick the wannabe date out of the bar.

  • Click on the main character (you) sitting at the table on the left (grey hair, no sunglasses) - he will start to make his move on the blonde girl.

  • Click on the sticky note on the wall just below the fan.

  • Click on the telephone and make a call - a present will arrive (do not click on it yet).

  • Click on the pencil on the bar counter and then click on the sticky note you got the number from - your main character will go to the sticky note and change the phone number.

  • Click on the present. The other sitting guy with glasses will try the same trick you just used and phone for a present. Because you changed the number it will be something the girl does not like and she will kick him out.

  • A mouse will come out from the wall near the phone.

  • Click on the cheese on the table - it will be placed on the chair behind the blonde girl.

  • Click on the girl - she will sit on the cheese.

  • Click on the mouse - he will jump up to get the cheese from the girl

  • The girl jumps into your arms in shock and you win!

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