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Walkthrough for game MENTAL MURDER MOST FOUL - Click here to play the game.

1. Go into the tool room which is the 2nd building down all the way right.

2. Take the wire and notice the safe to the left of that.

3. Walk to the blue building 2nd down top left with the satellite on the roof.

4. Walk through the first room into the second and use the wire to fix the box.

5. Go back to the first room and use one of the computers and get the bomb instructions.

6. Use the big purple dude and take the van that is parked near the communication building and use it to either run over the cop or hit the flagpole of the middle top building.

7. Retrieve the phone card.

8. Take the same person who has the bomb instructions to the bottom building on the far right side just below the tool building.

9. There is a guard here. He turns around every so often. When his back is to you, run up and around and retrieve the phone. Then do the same for coming back around. If you leave just as you see him turn, you shouldn’t have a problem. If he sees you and starts chasing you, try to exit the building, and he will not follow.

10. Take two people and go into the hospital which is the middle 2nd row the 2nd column with the big red cross.

11. Have one of the people hit the button near the door facing north.

12. Have the other person go through the pathway created by the sliding metal barriers. Make sure that person who goes in has the phone and the instructions.

13. Go to the chemical lab part and use the instructions to make the bomb and then the phone to attach to the bomb. It will then put the bomb in the inventory.

14. Travel north and go though the door in the upper right corner.

15. Turn one of the handles and then click on all the squares until you find the one that opens a secret passageway.

16. Go down the passageway and press the middle button on the right side. This will drain the sewer.

17. Have another character go down the sewer, which is located between the first and second column to the left of the hospital, and get the axe and then through the door to get the key. Head towards the hospital.

18. Go down where you drained the sewer and smash the wood with the axe and get the part for the helicopter.

19. Now you need two characters and the big purple dude must be one. Go into the building first column second row and you will meet a guy with a gun. He will kill you if you get to close so go in the building and go up and he usually puts his gun down. Get the big purple dude in there also. When he gets there take the other character and walk in the line of the gunman. Switch to the big purple dude and go to the chair bottom left and hit space and he should throw it at the distracted gunman killing him and dropping a key. Take the key.

20. Head to the tool shop with the safe and open it with this key take the special wrench.

21. Next go to the police station and walk in the side door. Notice the sign on the bulletin board. The code to turn off the camera is the pattern. The difference between the first and second number and the second and third number get added together and added to the third number to get the forth number. Then the difference between the second and third and the third and forth get added together and added to the forth number to get the fifth until you have three numbers which is the code to turn off the camera. I will post it at the end if you still can’t get it.

22. Take the truck and pick up the gas tank and bring it towards the helicopter building. Drop it and click the spacebar near the dropped tank to get gas for the helicopter.

23. Have one person have all the helicopter parts and such and the bomb and go into the building with the helicopter. Send another person to the building that was guarded by the cop top row middle column. Make sure they have the calling card.

24. Have a character attach the bomb to the door in the helicopter building. Get out of the way.

25. Have the other character call the bomb and it will explode.

26. Send the one character with everything to the helicopter and use everything and click the helicopter and done.

27. The code for the security door is 121930 - The next number is always the last two added, minus 1. e.g.: 5=(2+4)-1 8=(4+5)-1 12=(5+8)-1 etc.

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