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Walkthrough for game MENTAL SHOWTIME - Click here to play the game.

Part 1

  • Click the table by the trapped guy and he will throw some bird seeds, then click the bird on the wire to make it come down;

  • Click the clown with drums and click the drums in the order he does, it makes the elephant throw the ball into the top hat and makes the dog leave;

  • THIS STEP REQUIRES TIMING first when the clowns are on the see-saw click the one on the lower end, then when he is on the pyramid click the clown by the lions cage, after this click the bear and make it go to the left side and make it get hit by the guys feet then click on the bears wheel and he'll fall;

  • Click the bird (it is on the bottom left of the screen) when the bird goes for the table, click the trapped orange guy - the bird goes into the hat and a paper airplane comes out - click the airplane, it will fly to the clown pyramid and start burning and then fly to the lions cage and cause the lion to knock to ball away. When the ring master falls over the ball a key will fall to ground near the orange guy - click the key to get out.

    Part 2
    • Click the little lever at the side of the ice cream machine;

    • Now click the the wire behind it;

    • Click the front of the machine;

    • Walk away from machine - kids will take ice cream;

    • When the kids take the ice cream click the front again - Orange guy will thrown an ice cream at the balloon clown - he will get angry and take the kids away;

    • When the clown leaves take the balloons then click the clown with the horse until he leaves;

    • Click the ferris wheel;

    • Click the orange guy when the roller coaster comes AND YOUR OUT.

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