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Walkthrough for game Muselock

For people who have given up on solving the puzzles in the game Muselock!

  • Get the piece of paper sitting on the desk and inspect it.

  • Click to the right and click on the trash can. Get the can out.

  • Turn around until you are facing the window and then click on the panel under the window. Click on the glowing sun button to turn the projector on. Click around again until you are looking at the screen next to the door - a symbol will appear on the screen. Take note of the symbol, return to the projector view and repeat the process for each of the numbers (clicking on the left and right arrows on the control panel).

  • Remove the faceplate from the projector by clicking on it.

  • Turn back towards the screen and door. Click on the door mat to view it and then click again to lift it and retrieve the old key.

  • Zoom out from the door mat and then click on the door to zoom in. Click on the key from your item list and then click on the door keyhole. Click on door to open it. Do not go through the door at this time it will kill you!

  • Change your view again so that you are facing the screen again. Click on the control panel to the left of the screen and then press the up arrow key when you are zoomed in. After the screen retracts (reveals a puzzle panel) zoom back in to the control panel to the left of the screen. Click on the right side panel sitting beside the arrow keys and get the fuse.

  • Now zoom in to the glass panel below the puzzle panel. Place the paper into the small hole near the top of the glass panel (right of the fuse bank). It will form a funnel which you can pour the orange juice into (click on juice in item list and then on the paper funnel).

  • The above step will activate the puzzle. To proceed, click on the 4 circles in each corner and then the middle circle to solve. Once you have done that, click the unlock button next to the bottom right circle. This will lower the glass and allow you to get the burnt out fuse.

  • Turn around until you are facing the chair and zoom in. There is a hidden panel on the right arm of the chair (very faintly marked out). Click on it and then click again to get the small box inside the panel. Put the burnt out fuse in the small hole in the box and then get the small key.

  • Face the desk again and click under the desk. Click again on the box to zoom in. Use the small key from your items list and click on the lock. Click on the cover until you are asked if you want to remove the cover or take the box. Select remove the cover.

  • You need to defuse the bomb by clicking on the wire located to the left of the next to the pink colored plastic explosive. The wire should disconnect. You can then click on the plastic exposive to add a part of it to your item list. Click on the bomb box to take it.

  • Click on the old key and then click on the location under the desk where the box came from (this will complete a circuit)

  • Turn around to the fuse panel again and put the good fuse in the left hand side fuse slot. This restores power to the power points and the projector.

  • Now face the sculpture in the middle of the room and place the explosive from your item list on the glass near the bottom middle. Move back one step and then click on the second projector on the floor near the middle of the room. Place the cover on the projector and turn it on by clicking on the glowing sun as you did for the first projector. This activates the light from the projector which detonates the bomb and breaks the glass casing on the sculpture. Click on the black light-bulb from the sculpture.

  • Face desk again and click on lamp to zoom in. Put the light bulb in the lamp. Turn the lamp on by pressing the switch near its base - the room will begin to glow a blue color.

  • Now face the paintings on the wall. You will see symbols on them which match those viewed with the projector at the beginning of the game. The 4 symbols should correspond with 4 numbers from the projector.

  • With this unlock code, face the keypad next to the door and enter the numbers after you zoom in. The green light will activate. If you enter the incorrect number the panel will close - it can be opened again by clicking on a small button from under the desk (right hand side). Once you enter the correct number you can exit the door safely!

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