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  Walkthrough for Poker Escape - Play game here
1 Click the flashlight on the top right corner to see something.

Take the items marked on the picture

3 Move the legs to pick up a cellphone case and a chip.

Move to next screen and pick up the following items. Lift the legs to get the screw on the left down corner.


Move the left leg down to get the item marked on the pic.


Move 1 screen right. Move the guy´s left hand and take the plastic. Then move his jacket and get a plastic from his pocket. Then move the tie and pick up a screw. Then click his head and pick up the following items:

7 Then move up 1 screen and pick up the screwdriver and a screw.

Put the cellphone together

9 Call to Ned (do not dial 911 or Emergency nr. becouse then the game is over for you :-))
10 Your out! (Check also another ending where you dial 911 or Emergency nr.)

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