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Steath Hunter Level 20 Cheat


If Level 20 has you puzzled, then here is the answer to all your prayers:

9L 3D 1R 2D 1L 1D 1L 1D VERY QUICKLY: 1D, 1L 3D 2L 2R 3U VERY QUICK: 1R, 1U 1U 1R 2U 2R 3D 1R 1D 4R 1U 3R 1U 1L 1D 3R 1U 2L 1D 3L 1D 3R 1U 2R 1D 1L 1D 1L 3U 1D 3R SPACE (PICK UP C4) 1L 2U 2D 6L 1D 2L Z (PLACE C4) 7 R X GO TO EXIT

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