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London Zoo

No matter what you hearts desire, there’s a good chance amongst its thirty six acres and over five thousand animals the London zoo will have it. The London zoo has an extensive collection of birds, small mammals, bears and hippos, and apes and monkeys. Everyone is bound to fall in love with at least one of the many animals they are likely to encounter while walking through the zoo’s extensive gardens, tunnels and bridges.

First opened in 1828, the London Zoo was the world first scientific zoo housing a variety of exotic animals that were studied by the day’s scientists, and were closed off from public view. In 1847, the zoo finally opened its doors to the public Not only did the zoo become a part f the public eye, but it also quickly became the most famous zoo in the world.

The London zoo along with its numerous animals has a variety of programs each day designed for travelers to the zoo. If you plan a trip to the zoo, stop by the zoos information center to see what types of programs are available for your viewing pleasure during your stay. One of the more popular programs to visit is feeding times for some if the animals. Children young and old can delight in watching the predatory birds dive for their prey, or watch the penguins swallow their fish dinner in one huge gulp. Occasionally you can even get up close in the bughouse to zoo’s bird eating spiders.

The London zoo is home to over one hundred species that are currently listed as threatened. For these species and other, the London zoo participates in breeding programs that are designed to help reproduce the species, and help prevent it from becoming extinct. The London zoo is not concerned merely with having the animals there as an attraction for today’s zoo visitors, it is concerned with the preservation of the animals species, and the ability for that animal to be here for generations in the future.

The London zoo embraces group visits, and encourages people of all ages to visit the zoo and see the animals. The zoo offers free admittance to school groups from London schools, and offers the zoo as a conference venue for business groups, or for those planning special parties or occasions such as weddings. No matter what your group event, the zoo more than likely has a venue appropriate for your particular gathering. The zoo also offers catering for some special events, so you group can enjoy a meal, or some hors d’ouvres while enjoying the animals and your gathering.

For those who particularly enjoy the zoo, you might want to consider purchasing a zoo membership. A zoo membership is primarily designed as a way for you to give money to the zoo, to help in the zoo’s maintenance, and enable it to offer additional programs in the future, and keep providing the animals with tremendous care. In exchange for your financial gift to the zoo through a zoo membership, the zoo will give you free admittance into the zoo year round, and invitations to special embers only events, as well as discounts on parking and in the gift shop.

The London Zoo has earned its name, as one of the world’s most wonderful zoos. No trip to London could be complete without a trip through the zoo to visit the fantastical creatures within. Whether you are going to be in London for a few days, or are spending a few weeks make a point to make a trip to the London zoo, and experience the magic of seeing animals that you can’t see together anywhere else in the world.

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