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Walkthrough for game Back to the Cubeture - Click here to play the game.

area - Town 1
Here, you can either talk to the bandit standing in front of the passageway to Town 2, try to enter the desert to the south (which can't be entered yet, as explained by boss as you try) or go directly into the saloon.

area - Saloon
The player can talk to the bartender, drunk and pianist. Also, he can jump on the piano, and spit in the spitoon. If the player has given the pianist his lost music sheets, Cuboy will jump up to the first floor of the Saloon.

talk to him to receive a gun. With this, you can fight the bandit blocking the way to Town 2. He will also tell you what's going on.

If the player talks to the bartender again, he can get beers from him. The bartender will slide a glass of beer towards Cuboy, and the player needs to click on the beer at the time it's in front of Cuboy to receive it.

Cuboy will greet the drunk with a random greeting, and the drunk will respond with a random line, except for his first reaction - he asks Cuboy to bring him a beer.

The player can get a beer by talking to the bartender again. If he does, the drunk will now respond by telling Cuboy a route in the desert.

If the player brings 5 more beers, the drunk will give Cuboy a new outfit.

Ask the pianist about his long face, and he'll tell you he's lost his music sheets in the desert.

Go back to Town 1

area - Town 1

click on the bandit. Accept his challenge, and the shootout minigame will begin. Boss will explain how to play. Wait for the signal post to turn green and press space.

Proceed to Town 2.

area - Town 2

Here, you will be attacked by the Mexican bandit. Defeat him.

There are now two exits - one to the Sheriff's office, and one to the Station. If you try to go to the station, boss will tell you not to go yet, because Padrino is there, and you have no means of following him yet if he tries to escape.

Go into the sheriff's office.

area - Sheriff's office

You can talk to the sheriff, and take a key from the desk.

Take the key, and return to Town 2.

area - Town 2

The gate to Town 1 is now guarded by two guards. Defeat them.

proceed to Town 1

area - Town 1

Click on the desert gate exit to open the gate (with your new key), and go to the Desert entrance.

area - Desert entrance

You will be attacked by another bandit. Defeat him.

You can take the last piece of your Cowboy outfit from a hay stack, by clicking on it.

For the next step, check your reminders in 'the Box of Tricks' - Drunken jabbering displays the desert route the drunk was talking about. You must follow this very route from the Desert entrance.

Proceed through the south exit. The top left menu button/compass indicates all directions.

area - Random desert

The random desert areas are randomly generated. You can follow the route to the Indian camp - if you take one wrong turn, you're immediately lost, and you will have to wait untill Cuboy is dehydrated, and respawns in the Saloon.

Keep your eye out for a hay stack with the music sheets in it. There will always be a moving tumbleweed, but sometimes (randomly determined) there will be one that isn't moving - that one will contain the sheet music. Take the sheets by clicking on it.

Follow the drunk's direction - you've already gone south from the Desert entrance, so the remaining steps are - East, South, West, North, West, South. If you successfully followed the route, you'll find the Indian camp.
area - Indian camp

You will be attacked by three bandits - defeat them.

Talk to the Indian. Make sure you ask him about his bow and arrow, and about being baptized into Indianity.
Talk to the totem pole. You can choose to help the totem bullies bully the bear, or you can help the bear by bullying the bullies. Your choice will have some consequences.

Bully the bear - If you bully the bear you will be told the Indian's semi - correct name, and a Devil outfit.

Bully the Bullies - If you help the bear, you will be told the Indian's fully correct name, and a Bear outfit

Return to the Indian. Depending on whether you bullied the bear, the conversation continues. Choose 'I'd like to be baptized into indianity'. If you helped the bear, you will receive an Indian outfit. In both cases, you will receive the Indian's bow and arrow.

You can now either go east to return to the desert entrance directly, or go north back into the random desert. If you do not have the piano sheets yet, go back into the desert to get them.

area - Saloon

Talk to the pianist and give him his sheets. He will start playing them.

You can now jump on top of the piano to go to a secret area - the Saloon first floor.

area - Saloon floor 1

Talk to deliliah, and receive the bar-girl outfit (if chosen certain lines to say)

click on the hatch to return to the Saloon

area - Saloon

When behind the bar, you can talk to the bartender and ask him to kiss you.

Talk to the pianist again, and ask him about his other song. He will tell you about a local folklore.
go to Town 2

area - Town2

click on the clocktower. Cuboy will shoot an arrow into it, and the Legendary Horseman will appear.

Talk to the Legendary Horseman and challenge him to race. The horse race mini game will begin. To win the race, the player must tap space as fast as possible.

Player lost - the player will need to re-play the mini game.

Player won - The player now received a horse from the horseman, and now has the ability to chase Padrino.

After winning the mini game, go to the station.

area - Station

Defeat the three bandits.

jump on your horse. The final minigame will begin.

final mini game

This minigame is a little more complex. There are three obstacles:

Rolling tumbleweed. Press space when it's right in front of Cuboy to jump over it.

Padrino throwing a bomb. You can only shoot it when it's not above you, and not in Padrino's hand. Timing is essential - press space when Padrino's hand is at the lowest point in his throwing motion.

Bandit. This works just like normal shootout mini games. Press space only when the signpost is green.

When cuboy reaches the front of the train, he will try to make Padrino stop. In round one and two, disarm Padrino by tapping space. In round three, Cuboy will distract Padrino by shouting an insult, chosen by the player from random 'good' or 'bad' insults. choose wisely. If you chose four 'good' insults, Padrino's guard will be down, and the last space bash minigame starts - If you win, the final movie will play.

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