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Walkthrough for game Clandestine Breakout - Click here to play the game.

1. Get the stick from the plant.

2. Use the stick under the bed and get the key. (You must select the stick and then hit the right location under the best with it to get the hidden key).

3. Write down the number on the painting - from biggest sized number to smallest, which is (43162153)

4. Open the 4th drawer and click the buttons using the number sequence from largest sized to smallest - B represents big and S represents small - so press button number 4 first, then button number 3, then number 1 etc.

5. When all the buttons turn blue, Click the E button and zoom out. Open the 3rd drawer and use the key to open the safe, after that get the door key.

6. Use the door key to get out of the room.

7. After you enter the new room, go to the desk and pick up the tv remote control, then go to the green bin and put the remote control on the foot lever to open the bin.

Click the bin and then click the rubbish on top a few times until you find the PSP.

8. Move the paper and take note of the picture on the sofa. [star, moon, sun, tree]

9. Go to downstairs and record the number from the picture of sun. [number 7]

10. Click under the downstair sofa and you will find a yellow diamond.

11. Go to Merry's room (end door down hallway) and give her the PSP, she will let you enter her room after that.

12. In Merry's room, you will need her name and her birthday to log into her desktop computer. You can find the brithday from her notes in her diary under the desktop PC. [User name: merry, password: 7251988 ] - her birthday is July 25 1988 - so the password is 7251988.

13. Log into her computer, Click folder and record the placement of the doll and also record the moon picture number [number 3]

14. Now go back and click on the box near the monitor, open the box and pick out a stone.

15. Now click the shoes drawer and find a shoe with a number and a tree shape and record it [number 8].

16. Click the picture on the bed and record the other number with the star shape [number 2]

17. Now open the cabinet and pick out the bear inside the cabinet.

18. Then click the drawer beside the cabinet and open the drawer 3, you get the hammer and then open the 1st drawer and you will get a donkey doll.

19. Now click on the top of the drawer and put your stone on it, then use your hammer to break the stone. you will get a ring.

20. Now go to Candy's room, give her the ring and she will let you enter her room.

21. Pick out the bird and find the red diamond inside the bin.

22. Record the book tips 4+5 mean page 4+ page 5, so is 9.00 + 1.25 = 10.25

23. Turn the clock to 10.25.

24. Go out side and you will see a safe. Open it by using the numbers you have collected - [2378]

25. After entering the number, you will get the key.

26. Go upstair and use the key to open the door beside the sofa.

27. You enter the room and put the doll in the same location like you saw on the desktop PC in Merry's Room.

28. Now open the locker and record the number with a color. The hint is I+II [yellow] = 3 slot and so on, so yellow = 3, green = 2, red=4, and blue =1

29. Get the blue diamond from the cabinet beside the drawer.

30. Now move the picture and put the diamond followed by the number.

31. After all the diamond have been placed, the key will be unlocked. Now you can take the key and open the final room.

32. On the side of the final room you will found another safe and a phone, now click on the phone and record the number.

33. Use the number you recorded to open the safe - [ 20,60,30,10 ]

34. Now you have the final key. go downstairs and open the final door. You're out!

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