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Cube Escape: Harvey's Box

Harvey, the cheapskate, decided to mail himself to his holiday destination (Rusty Lake), instead of paying for an airfare. Holidays are very important to Harvey, he needs them, and without one he becomes a homicidal maniac. Anyway, it seems Harvey packed himself way too well this time round and is having difficulty figuring out how to get out of the box.

It is your task in this escape game, to help Harvey escape his box before he arrives at Rusty Lake. Discover the purpose of the items with him - an odd combination to be sure, including an egg, a comb, a box of cigars... I am not sure how he would be using these things.

As always, in the cube escape series, things are not what they seem - be prepared to have a mind blowing experience... all from within a box.

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Updated: August 11, 2015 9:03 AM

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