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Desert Survival Escape 3

Yellow... that is all you see. The yellow desert surrounds you; the sand is on you, it's even in you. You made it through day 2, and you found water. But will that be enough? You could do with some food. Maybe a nice roast dinner, a glass of wine, nice company. But noooo, you were stupid enough to get stuck in the middle of this stinking hot desert.

Look around and see what you see. Maybe on day 3 you will come closer to getting safe and home, but hopefully not dry! Look around and interact with the things you see. Pick up items of use and for the love of frook, use them! If you get stuck... however that may occur, look right and use the walkthrough...

If you make it through this day, I'll be waiting for you on Day 4

Previous games in the series:

Day 2
Day 1

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Updated: November 22, 2014 5:38 AM

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