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Desert Survival Escape 4

OMG OMG, Day 3 was a real hoot! You spent a night in the pyramid from hell, but it was still better than being out in the open desert air. Well done, it looks like you're getting close to making it out alive. You can almost smell the presence of a town nearby. Maybe today will be the day... you know that day you have been dreaming about... the day you actually walk out of the desert, alive, a tad bit sunburnt, but still walking... barely.

Find things that will aid you. Surely there is something out here in this god-foresaken land. Pick them up, use them, move on, and repeat until finally something of true value aids you in getting away from the heat and into a nice place with a nice cold cold glass of beer.

Will this be the last time I see you? Only the frook above knows.

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Updated: November 22, 2014 5:38 AM

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