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Spooky Island Survival Escape 4

O M G, it's day four on Spooky Island! Day 3 was bad enough, what does 4 have installed for you? This nightmare has got to end. You decide to make today the day that you find a way off this cursed island and back home. You begin your journey with a hearty meal and preparations to cross the island... cross to the dark side of the island... the side you have not seen yet... the side where true evil lurks.

As with the other games in this harrowing series, you have to point and click your way through the place. Try not to get eaten or scared to death by some stray monster. Find objects, do things, talk to creatures and so on. Do what you must to find a way off the island... off in one piece.

Good luck and may luck be on your side. If by some miracle you make it through this day, move on to day 5

If you havent already, play the other games in this series first:

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Updated: October 21, 2014 11:22 AM

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